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The baby can't talk yet, but

I feel a lot of things.

Mom's excitement and dad's surprise can be seen through their facial expressions and body movements.

It's transmitted to the baby's heart.

That's the beginning of communication.


Even if you can't hear, there are words you can understand.

It's a rich, robust language called sign language.

Discover sign language with your baby and start raising your child with a smile.

Acquiring sign language can also be used to learn Japanese.

✽Babies aged 0-3 learn sign language through playIt is a place where you can experience.

✽They say the baby may not be hearing.If so, please come even before the re-examination.

✽For mothers, fathers, and siblings who cannot hearWe also welcome babies.

✽At the mom and dad sign language learning session, sign language can be used in childcare.Have fun learning sign language.

✽You can exchange information with mom and dad.

✽Hear from deaf staff.

✽We have a psychologist who specializes in hearing impairments.Children's development and interactionPlease contact us regarding.

✽We also offer individual consultations.



Mr. Sakai  Kuniyoshi 

Professor, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, University of Tokyo

If there are words around them, babies will naturally use their own words. This is true not only for voice but also for sign language. Such words will develop your ability to think. Even if you can't hear well, using sign language will give you the ability to think. Because we can only think if we have words.

With sign language.JPG

Kawasaki Yoshiko

Yoshiko Kawasaki

Kobe University Professor Komekko Supervisor

As a psychologist, I have been involved in the mental care of people who cannot hear. From a clinical developmental perspective, we hope to help create an unshakeable bond between babies and their families, and help children who are deaf and hard of hearing reach their full potential.

Staff's words

・If you interact with them in sign language, they will understand the situation and respond with facial expressions and hand movements. Babies have the power to get involved!

・You will be amazed at your baby's growth every week. I'm so happy when I can confirm with mom and dad, "Wow!" and "You did it!"

Parent's words

・I was relieved to see so many hearing-impaired children playing and having fun.

・Stories from senior moms are always very helpful.

・It was an opportunity to listen to the experiences of people with hearing loss and gain a new understanding of the experiences of children.

・A senior mother said, “It’s okay because I’ve been participating in Komekko since I was a baby!”

It was reassuring to hear that.

・Every week, what sign language did Dad learn today? Thank you for visiting me,

This is an opportunity for families to learn sign language.

・He's almost 1 year old, and even though he's so small, he can still tell! I get it! I'm starting to feel it.

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