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Deaf and hearing-impaired children from ages 0 to preschool gather,

This is a place to acquire and learn sign language through play.

Children in a place full of sign language

Have fun and understand the experience.

Interacting with fellow deaf people and senior deaf people,

Cultivate the ability to communicate with each other.

Even if you do not understand sign language, hearing staff and interpreters will translate it into Japanese.

Deaf/hard of hearing preschoolers and their families, as well as deaf parents and families of hearing preschoolers, are welcome to participate.

Sign language learning sessions for parents, mini-lectures, social gatherings, etc.

There are various programs.

​*Please contact us first for children who have entered school.

Mr. Takei's face photo.jpg

I'll take it 

Mr. Takei   Watari

Professor, Kanazawa University, Human Society Research Department, School Education Department

Accumulating solid experiences in early childhood will not only lead to trust in others and interest in various things, but will also lead to later Japanese language and academic ability. For children who cannot hear, the power of sign language is huge in ensuring that they have an experience they can understand. Why not have fun learning sign language with your child through Komekko activities?

With sign language.JPG

Kawasaki Yoshiko

Kobe University Professor Komekko Supervisor

Through play, children naturally acquire sign language, absorb a variety of knowledge through visible sign language, learn, and develop their ability to interact with others. Acquiring sign language can also be used to learn Japanese.  Aim to be bilingual!

Yoshiko Kawasaki

Staff's words

​Don't you know sign language yet? I was surprised to see that the children, who I had thought would understand this, started to understand and take action as they continued to participate.

I was thrilled to receive a happy report from a parent of a child who is almost 4 years old, saying, ``When I asked him why, my child explained it to me in sign language!''

Parent's words

・If you come to Komekko, you will have a truly understandable experience, and you will have friends who you can relate to.

That's why I look forward to it every time my child wants to go.

・Watch the staff members converse with each other and share the same experiences that hearing children usually have.

I think it's great that you can do it.

​・Even though it was my first time participating, I was surprised at how much fun I had playing away from my parents. Because I understand.

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